About Us

 About Us : Jackie’s Auction is an online auction website, owned and operated and owned by Walls International, LLC. Jackiesauction.com is where buyers and sellers from all over the world come to buy and sell stuff… Registration is free and is as simple. Click on the “Register ” link and get started.

Our goal is to match buyers and sellers and allow the market determine the price of a listed item. As all auctions are set-up, the highest bidder wins the auction. We make the process simple by providing the buyer with the tools to evaluate the item and make payment all in a secured environment using PayPal, the number one online payment processing platform.

Our staff is highly trained in the retail business and will be standing by to assist if you have any questions or concerns. Visit our Faqs for answers to many of your questions and concerns.

We also provide assistance for uploading and listing items on our website for auction. Click on FAQs menu to gather additional information on how we can assist. If interested in us evaluating, pricing, and listing your item, feel free to contact us and one of our auction specialists will contact you to begin the process. You do not have to reside in Minnesota or Texas to use this service.

Feel free to submit feedback or comments below. Have Fun!